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You've tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, DVD's, Pills, Starvation, Books, and all other types of food and drink fads..... Yes you may have lost a few pounds, and then you stopped your diet/fad/club, and put all the weight back on and probably much more!!


You can, but you must change your thinking, behaviour, focus, and most importantly your feelings and desires not just about food/drink but yourself.

When you change your behaviour, thinking, focus, then change begins, you only have to change / learn something and repeat that behaviour half a dozen times for it to because an unconscious action - Your Normal Behaviour.


Using a mixture of Hypnosis and NLP Techniques, the way you think about food/drink can change, your focus becomes fixed on the goal you need and desire, over a handful of sessions the old habits become laughable because what you were doing was just silly!, the new habits and behaviours create happy / feel good feelings driving motivation and determination to reach your goal, and at the same time reinforcing the positive changes.


1. Identify why your relationship with food and drink has reached this point it has, and then overcome the cause - may be work, relationship, family issue, something that happen whilst you were a child which has stuck with you.

2. Remove the old feelings / connections with unhealthy food - Sugar, Salt, Carbs - you know that food which at the time made you feel good, but after feel horrid!

3. Retrain the Subconscious mind so that when you are naturally full you stop eating, and also overcome the desire to eat for the sake of eating - Boredom Munching!

4. Increase motivation, and determination to reach the achievable goal, this may be through exercise, a new pass time, or changing something that is has in the past held you back, this will free you to continue to enjoy a healthy, happier wellbeing.


How about right now?

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I have money off offers running now :-

6 Sessions of Weight Management Hypnotherapy £250 - SAVING £110

Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy - £275.00 for a total of 5 Sessions SAVING £200

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I believe that my fees are competitive based on what is being charged in the area. It should be noted, that for clients in need, who lack the ability to pay the full fee, will be accommodated for. Difficulty or inability to pay, should not be a deterrent to receiving professional therapeutic services.