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Overcome Addictions Your Positive Change
Hypnosis Durham North East

Hypnosis is recognised as the fastest and most successful way to overcome an addiction.

These lasting positive changes can include overcoming gambling, cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, shopping, coffee, smoking, sex, social media, video game, even work!

You will notice straight away differences, feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

Why is Hypnosis so successful overcoming addictions?

Hypnosis helps you to take back control over the way you think about the old addiction, and weaken the neurotransmitters and the chemical rush of dopamine once experienced.  

Using these modern psychological techniques we will get straight to the subconscious and break the cycle of those unnecessary thoughts, feelings and reactions.


You will instantly feel stronger, more confident and calmer as a result of having greater control over your thoughts and reactions.

Better still, the overall quality of your life will be significantly enhanced! 

Are you ready overcome your addiction?

  • Do you wish you could eradicate that feeling?

  • Would you like to feel in control?

  • Do you ever feel frustrated and guilty after the rush?

  • Do you wish that you felt differently about things?

  • If having freedom was easy, would you access it today?


Then let me help you now!

All appointments can be face to face in person or Online using a secure video weblink, you can read more about online Hypnotherapy HERE


Terry - Sunderland
“I had an appointment with David to try and stop smoking. I was a bit sceptical. But he did what it says on the tin and and I have not had a cigarette or wanted one Thanks David”

What happens during an addiction hypnosis session?

Using hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) allow you to access your body's natural capacity for change.

We will get to the root to where the addiction began, and what long term pleasure is gained . Change the thoughts and feeling associated, shrink and flatten the neuro response, so that when you think about it, or the build to the chase begins the reactions, feelings and desires decrease each time.

​I will also work with you to increase your inner and outer confidence, and self-esteem allowing you freedom to enjoy your life to its full potential.


Rachel - Durham - Various Hypnosis

I had my first session last Thursday, he is amazing, he makes you feel at ease straight away, talks you through what is going to happen in the session. I feel so much better and have a better quality of life now, can’t wait till the next session.


Ailsa - Durham - Various Hypnosis

Best decision I've ever made.

( unbelievable )


Christine - Newcastle - Various Hypnosis

I went to David for 2 separate issues. One worked immediately after one session and the other issue was driving on the motorway after a panic attack. That's coming along quite well and I am progressing each day . David makes u feel at ease and is such a lovely guy.

*Reviews from Your Positive Change - Hypnosis Facebook, Issues have been removed to respect privacy  - Read More Here

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