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Hypnosis is a trance-like state in which you can communicate with and therefore change your sub-conscious. The sub-conscious mind is that part of you which holds all of your memories and where your habitual and emotional behaviours originate.


During a hypnotherapy session I can use a variety of techniques to bring about positive changes to your sub-conscious responses thereby allowing you to become freer of your usual "automatic" or "negative" ways of behaving.

Although the idea of going into a hypnotic trance may sound daunting to many people, we all experience trance-like states on a daily basis. When we become totally absorbed in a movie or a good book, or when we day-dream about our hopes and desires, these are all experiences of being in a trance. The hypnotic trance is very similar to this except that you are guided into it by an experienced hypnotherapist. 

Dynamics To Successful Hypnotherapy Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, North East

There has been a lot of research conducted to discover what makes therapy work and consistently the findings show that the key factor is the relationship that develops between therapist and client. The other most important thing is that the therapist adapts to the client’s characteristics, culture and preferences.


My commitment to you:

All relationships are based on trust, and the therapeutic relationship is no different so I will always do my best to understand you and your issues without making any presumptions. Everyone is different and you are entitled to be you and to hold your views about the world. If I struggle to understand, I will ask. I will not judge you. This doesn’t mean that I condone “bad” behaviour, but it does mean that I will presume good intent. I will also be honest so that you will always know where you stand with me.


What you can talk about:


It is common for clients to be worried about disclosing information, wondering if it is safe to do so. Some therapists ask lots of questions but I feel that is too intrusive so I offer you this list of some things (and there are others) which clients may have experienced and which can be discussed.


Abuse: domestic, sexual, physical or emotional, past or present


Self harm or suicidal thoughts/attempts guilty secrets


Problems with eating (eg binging or purging) Criminal convictions (see below for current criminal activity)


Disturbing thoughts or wishes


Sexual issues


Anything not listed below!


Requirements for disclosure


Having given examples of all the things that you can discuss with me, it’s important that you know that the law forbids our normal confidentiality in the following circumstances: I become aware, or have good reason to suspect, that you have knowledge of:


A past or future incident that may be dangerous or harmful to a child, you or another adult, and that is not known to the relevant authorities.


Future or past criminal activity that has not been resolved in law. This means any criminal activity, of which the relevant authorities are either unaware or a case they know about which they consider not to be closed (provided you do not present information in therapy which would reasonably re-open the case). This does not include parking or traffic offences unless there is intent, by you or anyone else, to cause danger to yourself or others, or that it is deemed to be a “serious offense”. For our purposes a serious offense is something for which you could be imprisoned and for which the sentence (not necessarily imprisonment) hasn’t yet been served.

Having a notifiable disease – a list of which is on the website of the Health Protection Agency.



Everyone is different and reacts differently to the therapy, but it does require equal work from both the therapist and the client.


I believe that it is highly unethical to offer a guarantee as most of the top hypnotherapy organisations and associations disallow a practitioner to state they offer a guarantee. The only guarantees you can find are those when you purchase new items. It would be odd if a bottle of Paracetamol offered a guarantee that it would rid you of your headache, or if a lawyer offered you a guarantee that you would win a particular case. 


Weight Loss


An exact guaranteed loss can never be predicted as every client achieves a different level of loss due to their size(current weight), build(height), and other physical factors - muscle mass. 

If you are 100% Committed to losing weight, changing your relationship with food/drink, installing new positive habits, learning a new food and drink framework, then I will be 100% committed to you, and Hypnosis the obvious opportunity for you to take.


If you still enjoy smoking, then may be now isn't the time to stop, however if you are fed up with the smell, taste, and other issues connected with smoking then the time is probably correct for you.

Regarding packages - These are non-refundable, as human behaviour can not be predicted/proved, however unused sessions can be used up to 3 months after purchase. 

You should be very wary of any hypnotherapist that offers a guarantee!

But what you can be sure of is that I operate an extremely efficient and caring service. I have to undergo constant and continued professional development to make sure I stay up to date with all current trends and research.

Also note that I reserve the right to record sessions where it is deemed appropriate

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