Fear of Needles


Trypanophobia or the Fear of Needles / Injections, is an Anxiety disorder that I regularly treat, this can also cause a Fear of Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals too. It is something that is believed to affect around 10% of the general population. 

So where does this fear come from, and why is it so intense that it causes sweating, shaking, and in some cases vomiting or even fainting?


Some evolutionary psychologists believe that it is an innate fear that is rooted in ancient times: the needle representing a puncture wound, which often meant infection and death! Other more clinically based psychologists recognise that it invariably results from a traumatic childhood experience.

Either way, your fear of needles is like any phobia – a disproportionate fear that has been stored in your subconscious. But unlike any other phobia, if it has you neglecting your health and the benefits of 21st century medicine, you are putting yourself at risk and must seek help now.

Ready to Remove Your Fear/Phobia?


Firstly, we are only born with two Fears/Phobias - The Fear of Loud Noises, and The Fear of Falling, all of the others are self created/learned, these can't be inherited from a previous generation, although they can be learned. 


All you need to do is encounter something of a negative nature, maybe you heard it, saw it, thought of it(yes thought of it), or even felt it!!


Your mind can increase the intensity, magnify or amplify it, really blow the whole incident out of proportion, at this point in now becomes a fear/phobia/anxiety.


The good news is this can be overcome, many like the word 'cured'  and using NLP and Hypnosis this can be achieved very quickly. 


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