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Hypnosis is now recognised as one of the most successful way to Lose, Manage, and Maintain Weight Loss Long Term.

These changes can include overcoming cravings for Sugar, Chocolate, Crisps, Carbs, Salty Foods, Sugary Drinks, No Longer Snacking, and start Enjoying Healthy Food, and Smaller Portions. 

You will notice straight away Positive Changes, food control, more energy, motivation, better sleep too.

Need and want to change your relationship with food contact me straight away.​

How Can Hypnosis Help You Take Back Control and Lose Weight?

Hypnosis can help you to take back control over your thinking / behaviour around food and drink and help you lose weight.


If you Eat for Emotional Reasons, we will discover why, and Overcome this Anxiety or habit, I will work with you to increase your inner and outta Confidence, and Self-esteem.

How Many Sessions of Hypnotherapy would I need?

To Overcome an individual issue like Sugary Drinks/Food or Salty Food then generally Only 1 or 2 Sessions are required. 


However, if you have various habits, - Emotional Eating, Boredom Eating, Picking, then more will be required, however you will notice positive changes after your first session.

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Hypnosis Reviews

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Lisa (Weight Loss)​ Not want to shame fat people but this is the guy that will fix you x

Sarah (Weight loss)​ Totally agree with Lisa! He is fab at what he does!! Definitely recommended x

Susan (Weight Loss) I have waited a while to post this review as I wanted to give it time. I tried diets, slimming world, weight watchers, and always put weight back on..after 10 years I tried Hypnotherapy, and the Hypnotic Gastric Band - I was sceptical, however after 4 weeks I had lost 13lbs, and nearly 3 months on just over two and a half stone  very pleased!! ​

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