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Weight Loss and Food Addiction with Your Positive Change Hypnosis Durham North East

Hypnosis is now recognised as one of the most successful way to lose, manage, and maintain weight loss long term.

These positive changes can include overcoming cravings for Sugar, Chocolate, Crisps, Carbs, Salty Foods, Sugary Drinks, No Longer Snacking, and start Enjoying Healthy Food, and Smaller Portions. 

You will notice straight away difference, food control, more energy, motivation, better sleep too.

Why does hypnosis work so well for weight loss?

Hypnosis helps you to take back control over your thinking and behaviours around food leading weight loss.


These modern psychological techniques will get straight to the subconscious and break the cycle of those unnecessary daily eating habits and emotional food cravings which cause weight increase.


You will instantly begin to feel healthier as a result of having greater control over the food you consume, you will still be able to enjoy food but healthier smaller portions.

Better still, the overall quality of your life will be significantly enhanced! 

Are you ready for an even healthier life?

  • Do you wish you ate less?

  • Do you eat to control your feelings?

  • Do you ever feel frustrated and hopeless about your weight?

  • Do you wish that you felt differently about food, about yourself, and about life?

  • If having food control was easy, would you do it today?


Then let me help you now!

All appointments can be face to face in person or Online using a secure video weblink, you can read more about online Hypnotherapy HERE

Best Weight Loss Hypnosis Durham

Gayle - Durham - Hypnosis Weightloss

“I went for the weight loss hypnosis and lost 16lb throughout in two months”

What happens during a weight hypnosis session?

Using hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) allow you to access your body's natural capacity for change.

Do you eat for emotional reasons? We will get to the root to why, and overcome this urge or habit. 

Issues like Sugary Drinks / Food or Salty Food often only one or two sessions are required. 

However, like most people if you have various habits, - emotional, boredom, binge eating, or even picking, then more will be required, however you will notice positive changes after your first session.

I will also work with you to increase your inner and outer confidence, and self-esteem allowing you the freedom to love you and your body again

Angela - Durham  - Weight Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis Durham

“I was stuck eating chocolate/sugary foods like cakes biscuits sweets and the weight was creeping on. Have tried diets and have lost weight only to put it back on again. Now I struggle with fibromyalgia so exercising is exhausting so I thought I’d try something different. After 6 sessions I can honestly say I no longer binge on chocolates and cakes and can eat normally. No more picking on foods I don’t need. Am eating only my meals and I now know when I’m full. Am losing weight slowly but it’s easy now. Thank you David for all your help”

Lose Weight Hypnosis Durham

Julie - Durham - Weight Hypnosis

“I can highly recommend David, he is a genius at what he does. Over the past few months he has helped me so much”

Food addiction Hypnosis Durham

Lisa - Newcastle - Hypnosis Chocolate

“I am amazed at the difference in my eating habits since seeing David. After 1 session I was totally ‘off’ chocolate & haven’t eaten it or wanted it for the last 3 months. Anyone who knows me will understand this achievement”

*Reviews from Your Positive Change - Hypnosis Facebook - Read More Here

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