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It's that time of the year again, when the nation's GCSE and A-level students begin to feel the pressure of the impending exams looming large on the horizon. And while it's true that a little pressure can help your kids to focus on their revision, when pressure becomes too much it can quickly turn into stress, and prolonged periods of stress can lead to physical and mental illness.


Harmful pressure could come from many things, including your child's comparison of themselves with others, the high goals they set themselves, their worry about disappointing you or other family members, and also from friends and teachers.


Here's some advice to help your youngsters through this difficult time.


Get some perspective When they're caught up in the pressure of getting good results, it's hard for children to see the bigger picture. Failing their exams does not mean they will fail at life. No matter what the results, life will provide them with opportunities to succeed. Don't forget, Richard Branson dropped out of school at 16!

Look for underlying causes Many children who experience high exam anxiety have low self-esteem, and experience negative self-talk that distracts their attention from revising. Encourage them daily, let them know that they are OK and that they are and always will be loved. Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you to get to the root cause of a child's self-esteem issues and help them to see their worth and potential.

Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnotherapy can help reduce Anxiety / Stress, allow you to become more calm, relaxed, and confident before and during those exam conditions. Hypnosis can also help with memory recall during Exam Conditions.


David at Your Positive Change - Hypnotherapy Durham | Hypnosis Sunderland can help you to overcome Exam Anxiety, increase Confidence, and help you to be more Calm and Relaxed leading up to, and during Exams 

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnosis is a pleasant,relaxing experience during which you can gain understanding of your Anxiety, remove the triggers, and feelings. I will guide you towards the goals that you desire. With hypnosis, you can take control over your responses. I will work with you to decrease your Anxiety, and increase your Confidence, Self-esteem, and become naturally calm and relaxed whatever the situation may be.


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