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What is Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy?

Deep relaxation is a lot more than just catnapping or taking a few minutes out.


It is a deliberate decision to put the body into a complete and all-encompassing state of relaxation, and allowing the mind to follow the physical body into a gentle and peaceful state leaving a marvellous sense of lightness and looseness behind it that lingers for hours and even days.


Many people have not had the chance to relax properly for months or years, and that’s where the help I can offer through deep relaxation hypnosis can be so useful, as you regain, week by week, the ability you may remember having had as a child to just let go and drop away all of the built-up tension and stress of the day and week.

Why Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy?

One of the simplest and most important things you can do for yourself to improve your overall health and well-being is to undertake regular deep relaxation.


People from all walks of life and all backgrounds are realizing that the modern pace of life is not leaving them enough time or space – enough “room to breathe”.


We are all under constant demands and stress at any given moment and this is why I offer deep relaxation hypnotherapy sessions to provide people with an opportunity to discharge all of the built-up pressure and to learn how to take greater care of themselves and their health through deep relaxation.

Deep relaxation can:

  • relieve stress and mental tension

  • help to restore and strengthen parts of the immune system

  • provide a measure of relief from chronic pain, backache, tension headaches and migraine

  • help to lower blood pressure

  • calm the automatic fight-or-flight response

  • diminish the emotional upsets that can trigger asthmatic attacks, and help to relax and widen respiratory passages

  • unlock emotional blockages that can hold you back in your life

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnosis is a pleasant,relaxing experience during which you can gain understanding of your Anxiety, remove the triggers, and feelings. I will guide you towards the goals that you desire.


With hypnosis, you can take control over your responses. I will work with you to decrease your Anxiety, and increase your Confidence, Self-esteem, and become naturally calm and relaxed whatever the situation may be.

Ready to Change the way you Think, the way you Feel, and Achieve 'The Best You'

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