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Overcome Anxiety with Your Positive Change Hypnosis

Overcome Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

According to Anxiety UK 15% of the British population encounter an anxiety-related common mental health disorder

Anxiety is created by ourselves, we learn the feelings through circumstances, when / how to react to them, and therefore using Hypnosis these negative feelings/thoughts/reactions etc are banished.

We will get to the root of the cause without revisting, then remove the old thoughts and feelings associated with it/them. 

The way you think / feel about the old situation/issue will change, and the associated feelings will disappear.

This is an area I work with often, the results often exceed the clients expectations, and therefore feeling even better than before! Calmer, More Relaxed, and Confident 


Hypnotherapy is a Relaxing, Rewarding Experience where You are in Control at all times, Your Life will Change for the Better in ways you never have Imagined before.


You will start to notice changes after your first session.

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Hypnosis Reviews

Below are reviews posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter from previous clients, to read more click HERE

Alethea (Anxiety and Confidence) Highly recommended. David is a fantastic guy, nice and friendly. Wish I had of had hypnotherapy sooner - Thanks to him I am a lot better with my anxiety and confidence


Clare (Anxiety / Driving) This worked for me too with a weird driving phobia I developed out of the blue.....

and I also learned that I can actually relax and switch off, I can highly recommend this fact I miss the sessions...


Tracy (Various) David is really good and has helped me with several different issues.

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