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Tourette Syndrome


Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder that was first diagnosed and described by the French neurologist Dr George Gilles de la Tourette in 1825, though several historical figures are now thought to have been sufferers before then, including Samuel Johnson and Mozart.


Tourette syndrome is characterised by the occurrence of a combination of involuntary physical (motor) and vocal tics (not necessarily simultaneously), nearly every day or intermittently over the course of a year. It tends to develop before the age of 21, and most often around the age of 7.


The condition is not life threatening, and is very often so mild that it does not require treatment. It may become worse through adolescence, and sometimes improves with age.

What are the signs and symptoms of Tourette's


Eye twitching/blinking, facial grimacing, head jerking, shoulder shrugging, jumping, kicking, finger movements, jaw snapping, tooth clicking, frowning and touching people.


Vocal tics include throat clearing, hissing, yelping, sniffing, grunting, tongue clicking, uttering words or phrases inappropriately (echoing others, or blurting out obscene words), repeating the same phrase several times. 

Tourettes and Tics can usually be conquered in a brief period of time - often in as little as half a dozen session's, a mix of Hypnosis, NLP(more here), and Havening (more here) is used. In a recent medical study 77% of participants (see here) experienced positive changes.

Ready to Remove Your Fear/Phobia?


Firstly, we are only born with two Fears/Phobias - The Fear of Loud Noises, and The Fear of Falling, all of the others are self created/learned, these can't be inherited from a previous generation, although they can be learned. 


All you need to do is encounter something of a negative nature, maybe you heard it, saw it, thought of it(yes thought of it), or even felt it!!


Your mind can increase the intensity, magnify or amplify it, really blow the whole incident out of proportion, at this point in now becomes a fear/phobia/anxiety. The good news is this can be overcome, many like the word 'cured'  and using Hypnosis this can be achieved very quickly. 


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