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Driving Anxiety

Looking Out the Car Window
Driving Anxiety Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis and NLP for Driving Anxiety


The fear of driving, and / or panic attacks whilst driving is surprisingly common, there are many reasons why people experience this issue.


Sometimes this is due to an accident, something they've seen or heard, or an experience they encountered whilst driving.


There are those who for just some unknown reason can't place their finger on it.............this can be due to something else going on in their life which has cause them to feel insecure, lose confidence, or even encounter pain etc.

Driving Anxiety can also occur at different times: - Motorways, Dual Carriageways, Night-time, Bridges, Wide open roads, it can also affect passengers too - this is usually due to a lack of control. 

​If you are experiencing any form of Anxiety whilst in a car either Driver or Passenger, do not despair I can help you overcome this.

Using NLP and Hypnosis the Driving Anxiety can be banished, and confidence increased, so you can return to driving or being a passenger as you were before.

Ready to Change the way you Think, the way you Feel, and Achieve 'The Best You'

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Hypnosis Reviews

Below are reviews posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter from previous clients, to read more click HERE


This worked for me too with a weird driving phobia I developed out of the blue.....and I also learned that I can actually relax and switch off, I can highly recommend this fact I miss the sessions...


This is interesting, because a family member saw David to overcome an irrational driving anxiety, which was caused by something non-related,  he had CBT prior and it didn't work, also tried medication etc, and then as a last resort tried Hypnosis after I saw David's advert - after only a handful of sessions he was driving again, extremely impressive!!



Visited David as a nervous Passenger, which was starting to prevent me traveling, and driving myself, I dI am quite a resistful person, however I had one session with David and it worked......I now find myself calmer and more relaxed, I do laugh a lot more too - of which I am not complaining!!


I visited you for two sessions a month ago regarding my fear of taking my driving test.

I just wanted to let you know I passed today (20 years of Doubting myself) and didn't feel the need for the last session.


I wanted to thank-you, not only for this but to let you know it has changed my life in so many other ways for the better. I have recommended you to everyone I know, who have issues. Two people have already asked for your details.
Forever grateful.



Helped my daughter pass her driving test - thank you


Thanks!!!  Helped me stop smoking, and then after Christmas after 4 driving test fails, and close to giving up I had two home sessions with David, the first my driving instructor noticed I was 100% more confident, and then the day prior my test I had a final session where David also taught me some great techniques and I passed!!!

You can read more Reviews here 

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