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Over nearly 20 yearsI have helped hundreds of people from across the North East and UK overcome their Cocaine Addiction / Habit successfully! The rewards for overcoming Cocaine addiction are huge, and the feelings amazing too!!

Cocaine Addiction is an issue I work with often and the results always exceed the clients expectations!

The rewards include, more money, energy, motivation, healthier appetite, better quality of sleep, less arguments, regrets, embarassing akward situations and much more  


For a casual user usually just Two Sessions are usually required, for a long term or regular user I recommend a 6 Step approach to Cocaine aversion, you'll take back control of your life, feel more confidence, overcome the desire, make positive decisions and therefore the old habit has no attractions. 

The process is totally confidential, the sessions non judgemental, and the conclusion very rewarding.  

When you say to yourself "Enough is Enough" invest in your time, health, and future, Contact me and overcome Cocaine.


Generally there is very little waiting time to start making a change, so you can enjoy a happier life for you and those around you.

Contact me now.

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Hypnosis Reviews

Below are reviews posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter from previous clients, to read more review click HERE

Sam (Cocaine Addiction)

For years due to the industry I am in, I had a very costly addiction, David was recommended by my Doctor, his wife had used him.  I had two sessions, after the first all the thoughts, feelings, and desires disappeared, and after the second I have never looked back. I have been clean for over 9 months now, my partner visited David too, and he experienced the same.........go go go David!!


Clare (Cocaine Addiction) My habit had gone from weekends to weekdays, I had 6 sessions with David, the desires have disappeared, I'm happier at work, drink less, feel healthier, no longer missing days off of work, of having regrets, I can thank David enough.


Tracy (Various Addictions) David is really good and has helped me with several different issues, and 12 months on I still feel great and have had no inkling to score.

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