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Fly with Confidence 

Hypnotherapy and NLP

Durham | Newcastle | Sunderland

Flying With Confidence - Hypnotherapy Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland

Flying with Confidence is an area I work with often, and the results clients enjoy are beyond what they expected.

After just two sessions of Hypnotherapy you will benefit from so many amazing changes:-


  • Feeling calm and relaxed leading up to the flight

  • Freedom to enjoy the journey, feeling comfortable, and content in the seat  

  • Stretching out listening to Music, Watching a film, Reading a book, Enjoy a drink

  • Ultimate relaxation, the opportunities to travel are limitless

We are only born with two fears / phobias: 

1. The Fear of Falling

2. The Fear of Loud Noises

All the others Fears / Phobias / Anxieties we created ourselves or with assistance from a friend and family member.

All Fears / Phobias / Anxieties can be 'Unlearned' and this is where Hypnosis works for you!! 

Fly With Confidence

Hypnosis mixed with NLP will get to the root of the cause, remove the old thoughts and feelings associated with it/them. 

The way you view / feel about the old situation/issue will change, together with associated feelings.


Once banished, you will allow things assume their true proportion, less worrying, a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and confidence restore, allowing you to feel free and happy.

Hypnotherapy is a Relaxing, Rewarding Experience where You are in Control at all times, Your Life will Change for the Better in ways you never have Imagined before.

Ready to Change the way you Think, the way you Feel, and Achieve 'The Best You'

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Your Positive Change - Hypnosis Reviews

Below are reviews posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter from previous clients, to read more click HERE

Andrew (Flying) My wife visited David for Fear of Flying, I was amazed how calm she was, and yes I was a sceptic before..., I visited David for Smoking, it was totally different to what I expected, enjoyable and rewarding,  and I haven't touched one for over 8 months.


Five Star - Absolutely amazing. After avoiding flying for 30 years after two sessions of hypnosis with David I'm exploring the world. Thank you David for changing my life. I also changed eating habits, and biting my nails too.


Sarah (Flying)​ I can’t thankyou enough David! I have just returned from my holiday in Tenerife and dare I say it...... I actually enjoyed my flight! No panic attacks, no sickness, no clock watching! I actually can’t believe it worked, you are truly amazing and I am forever grateful ❤️

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