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Overcome Fears and Phobias
Your Positive Change  Hypmosis Durham North East

Hypnosis is recognised as the fastest and most successful way to overcome a fear or phobia.

These lasting positive changes can include overcoming Flying, Spiders, Heights, Bees/Wasps, Dark, Storms, Death, Closed Spaces, Gagging, Dentists, Needles, Dogs, Crowds and many more.


You will notice straight away differences, feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

Why is Hypnosis so successful overcoming Fears and Phobias?

Hypnosis helps you to take back control over your thinking and behaviours turning the irrational...rational.

We are only born with two fears 1. fear of loud noises 2. fear of falling, the rest are created by ourselves, learned from parents or older friends.


Using these modern psychological techniques we will get straight to the subconscious and break the cycle of those unnecessary thoughts, feelings and reactions.


You will instantly feel stronger, more confident and calmer as a result of having greater control over your thoughts and reactions.

Better still, the overall quality of your life will be significantly enhanced! 

Are you ready overcome your Fear or Phobia?

  • Do you wish you could eradicate that feeling?

  • Would you like to feel in control?

  • Do you ever feel frustrated and upset about this issue?

  • Do you wish that you felt differently about things?

  • If having freedom was easy, would you access it today?


Then let me help you now!

All appointments can be face to face in person or Online using a secure video weblink, you can read more about online Hypnotherapy HERE

Best Hypnosis Newcastle For Phobias

Mandi - Newcastle - Bee Phobia Hypnosis

“Had a session for a crippling phobia of bees and wasps I’ve had for 20 years today, and I can’t recommend enough. David showed confidence in overcoming my fear, rather than seeing it as treating a problem. Thank you!”

What happens during a phobia hypnosis session?

Using hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) allow you to access your body's natural capacity for change.

We will get to the root to where the fear or phobia began, and why this issue was held on to. Change the thoughts and feeling associated, shrink and flatten the neuro response, so when you see or hear the trigger there is no negative feelings or reactions.

​I will also work with you to increase your inner and outer confidence, and self-esteem allowing you freedom to enjoy your life to its full potential.

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Image by Edward Cisneros

Ben - Durham - Bee Phobia Hypnosis

After his first session, Ben was happy eating outdoors with us on a sunny day which prior to this was unimaginable.​ After his second session, Ben was happily pointing out wasps and calmly asking us to remove them from the house. He was sleeping with his windows open in his room and he was contentedly enjoying the heat wave! It was a miracle.

Joanne - Durham - Heights Phobia Hypnosis

So today I did go to 'Go Ape' with my kids. Before hypnotherapy I couldn’t have watched them be up that high never mind completed it with them Can’t quite believe it Thank you.


Sarah - Durham - Flying Phobia Hypnosis

I can’t thankyou enough David! I have just returned from my holiday in Tenerife and dare I say it...... I actually enjoyed my flight! No panic attacks, no sickness, no clock watching! I actually can’t believe it worked, you are truly amazing and I am forever grateful

Thanks! Message sent.

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