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Durham Hypnosis Sexual Dysfunction, Hypnosis Durham Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction affects 10 percent of the male population, impotence (erectile dysfunction) is when men are unable to achieve or keep an erection. Hypnotherapy is known to help men with this sexual dysfunction as well as loss of sex drive and premature ejaculation.

How hypnotherapy can effectively treat sexual dysfunctions?

1. Remove negative feelings about sex, such as shame, fear and guilt.

2. Expands limited thinking regarding sex.

3. Builds confidence and in turn, your sexual performance will improve.

4. Reinstates pleasure associated with a sexual experience.

5. Reduces stress and feeling of anxiety regarding sexual performance.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnosis is a pleasant,relaxing experience during which you can gain understanding of your Anxiety, remove the triggers, and feelings. I will guide you towards the goals that you desire. With hypnosis, you can take control over your responses. I will work with you to decrease your Anxiety, and increase your Confidence, Self-esteem, and become naturally calm and relaxed whatever the situation may be.


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