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Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, is an anxiety disorder that I regular treat using NLP and Hypnosis, around 5% of people in the UK have this fear.


Some refer to this as 'Vertigo' however is when your head feels like it's spinning but isn't, usually this occurs when the body is moved quickly, or you sit or stand up fast!

Acrophobia is an extreme, irrational fear of being in high places.  This can be just a few rungs on ladder, on a mountain road, to crossing a bridge or travelling to the top of a tall building.  

Ready to Remove Your Fear/Phobia?


Firstly, we are only born with two Fears/Phobias - The Fear of Loud Noises, and The Fear of Falling, all of the others are self created/learned, these can't be inherited from a previous generation, although they can be learned. 


All you need to do is encounter something of a negative nature, maybe you heard it, saw it, thought of it(yes thought of it), or even felt it!!


Your mind can increase the intensity, magnify or amplify it, really blow the whole incident out of proportion, at this point in now becomes a fear/phobia/anxiety.


The good news is this can be overcome, many like the word 'cured'  and using NLP and Hypnosis this can be achieved very quickly. 


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