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Overcome The Fear of Flying  - Hypnotherapy Durham


There are many reason's to what may cause Flying Anxiety, the Good News is I will successfully Decrease / Banish these unwanted feelings and thoughts, giving you the opportunity to Focus on the Destination, and Enjoy the flight in a calm relaxing confident way.

After the first session, your thoughts/thinking will change, you will feel positive about your forth coming flight, look up at Airplanes in the Sky and have positive feelings, speak about your holiday in a confident way. 

As a frequent, and private flyer, My knowledge of Aircraft, Flying, and aviation is deep, and is always happy to answer any questions.  

I will work with you every step on the way, so that Flying is enjoyable, and upon request will fly with the client on their first flight if required.

Contact me Now, and focus on packing, the future holiday memories, and forget about the flight!  

Ready to Remove Your Fear/Phobia?


We are only born with two Fears/Phobias - The Fear of Loud Noises, and The Fear of Falling, all of the others are self created/learned, these can't be inherited from a previous generation, although they can be learned. All you need to do is encounter something of a negative nature, maybe you heard it, saw it, thought of it(yes thought of it), or even felt it!!


Your mind can increase the intensity, magnify or amplify it, really blow the whole incident out of proportion, at this point in now becomes a fear/phobia/anxiety. The good news is this can be overcome, many like the word 'cured'  and using Hypnosis this can be achieved very quickly. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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