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Reviews for  Your Positive Change Hypnosis
Durham, Newcastle Sunderland

Testimonials vs Reviews


I don't publish any testimonials, as many industry bodies consider them to be unethical, they can be fake/made up, also the Advertising Standards Authority require a testimonial to be verifiable, which would cause conflict with confidentiality.

However, past clients are always free to post reviews, comments, replies to posts on various third party website sites for example Google+ | Twitter | Facebook | Yell etc.


These can be Positive, Negative, or indifferent, and controlled by the author not myself. I have posted below various Facebook/Twitter/Google+ page reviews, post comments, replies on this page, all of these can be viewed amongst others on the individual social media platforms of which published. 

Facebook / Google + / Twitter - Reviews / Post Replies

Andrew (Flying)

My wife visited David for Fear of Flying, I was amazed how calm she was, and yes I was a skeptic before..., I visited David for Smoking, it was totally different to what I expected, enjoyable and rewarding,  and I haven't touched one for over 8 months.

Sam (Attachment)

For years due to the industry I am in, I had a very costly attachment to cocaine, David was recommended by my Doctor, his wife had used him.  I had two sessions, after the first all the thoughts, feelings, and desires disappeared, and after the second I have never looked back. I have been clean for over 9 months now, my partner visited David too, and he experienced the same.........go go go David!!

Carol-Anne (Flying)

Five Star - Absolutely amazing. After avoiding flying for 30 years after two sessions of hypnosis with David I'm exploring the world. Thank you David for changing my life. I also changed eating habits, and biting my nails too.

Susan (Weight Loss)

I have waited a while to post this review as I wanted to give it time. I tried diets, slimming world, weight watchers, and always put weight back on..after 10 years I tried Hypnotherapy, and the Hypnotic Gastric Band - I was sceptical, however after 4 weeks I had lost 13lbs, and nearly 3 months on just over two and a half stone  very pleased!! 

Steve (Smoking)

I found Dave here on Facebook,, I tried everything to stop smoking, two other Hypnotist's people too, I gave it one last try, he was good, thorough, asked me questions the others should have, the result is 7 months on I am still not smoking, I am 1000s better off. My daughter saw him too for anxiety massive change around after one session!!

Alethea (Anxiety and Confidence)

Highly recommended. David is a fantastic guy, nice and friendly. Wish I had of had hypnotherapy sooner - Thanks to him I am a lot better with my anxiety and confidence

Phil (Anxiety)

I've seen this guy, very good he is too!

Ailsa (Various)

Best decision I've ever made.

( unbelievable )

Clare (Anxiety / Driving)

This worked for me too with a weird driving phobia I developed out of the blue.....and I also learned that I can actually relax and switch off, I can highly recommend this fact I miss the sessions...

Lisa (Weight Loss)

Not want to shame fat people but this is the guy that will fix you x

Sarah (Weight loss)

Totally agree with Lisa! He is fab at what he does!! Definitely recommended x

Tim (Flying)

I can recommend this guy as it really worked for me for flying

Lyndsay (Birthing)

David is amazing. I had a major phobia of giving birth, after a few sessions with David it totally changed me. I gave birth to my first baby 6 weeks ago, naturally,with no help and only had gas and air in later stages of labour. Me and baby were totally relaxed through out and my birth couldn't have gone any better.*

Lesley (Smoking)

Smoked 15 - 20 a day for 25 years, I was very skeptical, however David put me at ease, understood my habit, explained Hypnosis to me, and I had two session, I stopped straight after the first, and the second gave me the confidence to remain a non-smoker - of which I am now 3 months on - and £1500 better off so far! I have recommend David to many people for various other issues and they too have had a great experience too.

Diane (Public Speaking and Anxiety)

​No sign of nerves in these photos and apparently my speech was hilarious....I could not have done it without you...... thanks so much x

Hayley (Driving Test and Driving)

I visited you for two sessions a month ago regarding my fear of taking my driving test.
I just wanted to let you know I passed today (20 years of Doubting myself) and didn't feel the need for the last session. I wanted to thank-you, not only for this but to let you know it has changed my life in so many other ways for the better. I have recommended you to everyone I know, who have issues. Two people have already asked for your details.
Forever grateful.


Katherine (Smoking)

I tried patches, e-cigs, champix, sprays, acupuncture, other Hypnotherapists, until my friend recommended David, she knew of six people who had stopped with him after one session, and after two never looked back. Visiting David has saved me 100s of pounds, I have now been a non smoker for 9 months. His approach is totally different to what I had experienced before, and a lot more enjoyable! 

Cas (Flying)

David changed my life. After 50 years of avoiding flying, I visited America in April and will be returning there next month. If you are scared of flying, David is the man.

Tracy (Various)

David is really good and has helped me with several different issues.

Lynne (Tics)

Highly recommend David. My 11 year old son suffered from tics and David helped him with his tics which are now son enjoyed the sessions...sometimes too much and didn't want to stop. Thanks for all your support David

Mara (Driving)

Hi David. Just wanted to catch up, share my story and how much you helped me. I had multiple issues, recovering from cancer operation and panic attacks while driving. I so wanted to be me again and David helped me relax and put things into perspective. He's a good guy and now i can drive my car with excitement and no fear. I feel like me again.

Phil (Anxiety)

Had quite a bit of treatment a couple of years ago after terrible abusive relationship and DWP problems. Definitely recommended.

Liz (Bees and Wasps)

I took my 9 year old son to see David earlier this year to try and overcome his incredible fear of wasps, bees and flies - and their associated buzz!! On our family holiday last year his fear was incredibly debilitating and he experienced panic attacks and severe anxiety. He asked us to find him someone who could help and I happened upon David.

After emailing about my son we went to meet David, who was confident he could help Ben. Ben was instantly at ease, and although discussing his issues caused him to get upset David was always calm and kind and made Ben feel safe. After his first session, Ben was happy eating outdoors with us on a sunny day which prior to this was unimaginable.

After his second session, Ben was happily pointing out wasps and calmly asking us to remove them from the house. He was sleeping with his windows open in his room and he was contentedly enjoying the heat wave! It was a miracle. In the weeks before we went away this year, I could see his anxiety returning slightly, so we went back to see David for a 'top up' session and I can honestly say this summer has been the most amazing, chilled out and relaxed holiday we've ever had.

Ben was confident and calm around insects where previously he would have been a gibbering wreck, we ate outside for nearly every meal abroad and he was a different child. Thanks so much David for everything you've done. Ben is so much happier and I'm recommending you to everyone!

Mandi (Bees / Wasps)

Had a session for a crippling phobia of bees and wasps I’ve had for 20 years today, and I can’t recommend enough. If you’re considering hypnotherapy for anything, go for it! I felt at ease straight away and throughout the whole session. David showed confidence in overcoming my fear, rather than seeing it as treating a problem. Thank you!

Sarah (Flying)

I can’t thankyou enough David! I have just returned from my holiday in Tenerife and dare I say it...... I actually enjoyed my flight! No panic attacks, no sickness, no clock watching! I actually can’t believe it worked, you are truly amazing and I am forever grateful ❤️

Rachel (Anxiety)

I had my first session last Thursday, he is amazing, he makes you feel at ease straight away, talks you through what is going to happen in the session. I feel so much better and have a better quality of life now, can’t wait till the next session.

Dave (Flying)

I've no idea how it works. But my wife has had a real phobia of flying all her life. Two sessions with David and she enjoyed her first flight and ready to travel to the States soon.Honestly two sessions on this course changes lives. can step onto a plane in total confidence and enjoy and savour every moment of even your first flight. Absolutely amazing !!!!

Chris (Spiders)

It's been a few weeks since I last came to see you, so I thought I'd drop you and update on how I've got on with the resident spiders.

The frequency of them has decreased in any case, which is good. But there has still been plenty to deal with.

The great news is that I've managed them easily, after removing them, I no longer feel anxious or worried. I removed one about an hour ago with no fuss... I no longer think about them all the time, they are merely a house pest to be removed.

I even booted a large one off the wall the other night, which was previously unthinkable for me to get close and make contact with one...

I am really thankful to you for the service provided, I believe nothing else could have had accomplished this and be so quick and effective! I was a little sceptical before coming to the 1st session about whether it would work but I am so happy I gave it a go.


This phobia was the only thing that held me back in life, I live a totally carefree and successful existence otherwise. Now it is complete.


Truly wonderful stuff!!


*All the above are replies from various 'Your Positive Change' Facebook posts,and reviews, and are publicly available to view, as human behavior can never be predicted the amount of sessions required, and results may vary from person to person. What I can guarantee is using me skills, knowledge, and experience I will do everything I can to guide you, and help you achieve your goal.

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