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Book Now! Let’s Sort It Out!

Procrastination never sorts an issue, nor does it reward you with a desired result!! I have a couple of free appointments next week, take on

The Best YOU Expo 2018

The Best YOU Expo 2018 is Friday 16th, and Saturday 17th February Olympia London - Learn To Live a Life WITHOUT Limits!! See Paul Mckenna, J

Weight Management Offer

Using a mixture of Hypnosis and NLP Techniques, the way you think about food/drink can change, your focus becomes fixed on the goal you need

Free Yourself From Anxiety

You will start to feel, and think differently, experience how to live life happily - for example enjoy Sleeping, Eating New Food, Work, Laug

Free Yourself From Smoking

After your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session, your new habit will be 'to not smoke' and you will find yourself focusing on other mor

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Durham Hypnosis
Durham Hypnosis
Durham Hypnosis
Durham Hypnosis

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