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World Mental Health Day Interview with Paul Mckenna

Today is 'World Mental Health Day' I caught up with my very good friend Paul Mckenna at the weekend, we were at an amazing event called 'Get The Life You Want'. The event was hosted by Bernardo Moya - NLP Life Training, Paul teams up once a year for this event with Dr Richard Bandler, probably the best Hypnotist in the world, he is also the co founder of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. Paul and I chatted about Mental Health, and how Hypnosis and Havening is so Powerful you can hear the interview by Clicking HERE If you have an issue you would like to overcome an issue - Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Phobia, Addiction, or like to increase confidence please send me an e-mail david@yourpositivecha

Break from Booze with Hypnosis

Alcohol consumption often builds up over time becoming a habit hard to break with will power alone. Alcohol can increase following a bereave

Say Enough is Enough to Anxiety

​Anxiety has many sub-categories:- Fears, Phobias, OCD, Shyness, and many others, according to Anxiety UK 15% of the British population

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