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Ditch Diets - Lose Weight Stress Free

Lose Weight With Hypnosis, Weight Loss Hypnosis North East, Durham, Consett, Newcastle, Sunderland

How many diets have you tried? Yes you lose half a stone, and then you stop starving yourself, or being at war calorie counting and stick all back on plus more!!! Diets never overcome the real reason to why weight was gained, or poor eating patterns were established.

Hypnosis is now recognised as one of the most successful way to Lose, Manage, and Maintain Weight loss long term, why? The cause of the poor relationship with food and drink is identified, removed so changes can be made.

These changes can include overcoming cravings for Sugar, Chocolate, Crisps, Carbs, Salty Foods, Sugary drinks, No Longer Snacking, Enjoying healthy food, and Smaller portions.

You will notice straight away positive changes, food control, more energy, motivation, better sleep too.

For many years I have been helping people Manage their weight successfully - from losing weight in time for a holiday, to turning a lifestyle around creating a new healthier future.

Hypnosis can help you to take control over your thinking processes, and behaviours around food and drink . If you eat for emotional reasons, I will help you to discover why, and overcome this anxiety or habit, in turn I will work with you to increase your inner and outta confidence, and self-esteem.

Before making contact you may have tried many ways to lose or manage your weight, self help videos/audio, weight clubs, various diets, even herbal remedies, only to receive the same conclusion....the moment you stop...old habits return, and the weight you lost is piled back on...and sometimes even more!

Ready to change your Eating / Drinking habits, Manage your weight, Feel More Confident and Look Good - Contact me Now!


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