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Break from Booze with Hypnosis

Overcome Alcohol Addiction with Hypnosis Consett Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland

Alcohol consumption often builds up over time becoming a habit hard to break with will power alone. Alcohol can increase following a bereavement, a prolonged illness, a financial crisis, work pressure, being a parent dealing with children, relationship issues, running your own business, general pressures of modern living, blocking out unwanted thoughts/memories, and social drinking pressure from fellow workers or friends.

I work with this issue often, and have found over the years that most clients do not want to Stop Drinking altogether but, would like to reduce down to a safe limit, only drink on special occasions, the weekend etc Other people find their relationships, jobs, health are being affected by the effects of excess alcohol and decide that they need to stop totally.

Recently more and more people have turned to Hypnosis to overcome their Addiction of Alcohol because it tackles the root of the problem, and then changes the way you feel.think about alcohol, therefore you treat alcohol similar to anything else that you feel is a treat, rather than a necessity.

Usually only One or Two sessions are required to overcome Alcohol Addiction, the process is confidential, one to one, person centered, calm, relaxing, and rewarding.

To find out more either have a little view of my video below, e-mail, call 01207 507296, or send a message via the website.


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