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Revealed: The Cost of Smoking to The North East

Stop Smoking North East - Hypnosis

What is the cost of smoking in the North East?

This report was based on Sunderland and quoted from the Sunderland Echo 16/06/2017

"Sunderland’s poorly smokers have put the city among England’s worst for hospital admissions. The legacy of lighting up has been revealed with 3,084 city residents, per every 100,000 aged 35 and over, having to have hospital treatment between 2013 and 2015 for smoking-related illnesses.

It’s a record which placed Sunderland second in a comprehensive list of every authority in England. Only Barnsley (3,142) ranked higher and they were both way above the national average of 1,726. The numbers were released in new tables published by NHS Digital titled Statistics on Smoking - England 2017. But the figures go further. They also show the city had the worst death rate in the North East from smoking with 423 deaths in the same period of people aged 35 and over- ahead of Middlesbrough (422) and Hartlepool (416)".

Your can read the full story here From January 2017 up until 30th April 2017 , I worked with 33 Smokers - I followed up all clients who had gone Smoke Free using Hypnosis, Three Months later, out of 33*, 31 were still Smoke Free that is a 96.8% success rate!! Above the 6/10 average, and better than 1/4 using NRT.

The average person saved £840 in three months!!

*One I couldn't speak with, and the other admitted they didn't have the desire to stop, just liked the idea, but liked smoking.

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Hypnosis is relaxing, rewarding and very successful to achieve a smoke free life. If ever there was a time for you to invest in a healthier future it is now!!

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*Results vary from person to person.


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