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Release Anxiety, and Regain Control

Overcome Anxiety with Hypnosis Durham

Anxiety has many forms, however, you can't catch it, or inherit it, only YOU can create it....The one common denominator everybody has is.....They Don't Want It!!

Let's overcome it............Every year I help 100s of people leave Anxiety behind, freeing up time and energy to enjoy a rich happy life, full of great feelings, opportunities, and memories.

How Long has this been going on?

Ask yourself, How minutes or hours a day do you spend feeling Anxious, or thinking about 'things' that make you feel Anxious?

How about worrying about something that 'could' happen? (You do that too!!!)

Take the total amount of minutes or hours, multiply by seven.....That is how much time you waste with these unnecessary thoughts and feelings.

Now, multiply by 50 - I'm giving you two weeks off so your Anxiety can have a vacation......What is the total amount of time you spend per year with this issue?

Multiply by 10, 20, 30, 40..........Not a Smart use of time and energy........

What do you want?

When the issue has disappeared, what are you going to do with all of this spare time???? Fill it with something similar, or Good thoughts, Feelings, Sounds, Images, and Memories?

The great thing about the original cause is it's in the past, it's over, it's happened and it can remain there........if you were designed to focus on the past, you would have eyes in the back of your head, however you don't.

There is no need to walk around with our heads turned 180 degrees looking at all the things we don't wanna see, hear, or feel, the good things are in front of us!!

How much happiness can you tolerate?

Ready to let go, Release the old feelings, and Start to Hear Sounds, See Sights that make you Feel good. Grab Opportunities you never Dreamed of....laugh and smile more, and really enjoy life.

When are you going to give anxiety up?

All you need to do is pick up the phone, and speak with me, type an e-mail and contact me, and then we can meet.........change things around, release the anxiety, so you can start using your time and energy in a Smart way.

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