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Grow Strong Healthy Nails

Overcome Nail Biting and Picking with Hypnosis and NLP North East - Durham, Newcastle, Consett, Sunderland

Nail Biting Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis mixed with Neuro Linguistic Programming are highly successful eliminating nail biting, there is always a reason to why this behaviour started, and why it has become a habit. Using Hypnosis, combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I can help you lose the urge the bite your nails permanently.

This is a habit / addiction which affects both Females and Males, young and old!! Many cover up the issue with fake nails, hide hands inside clothes I E sleeves of Jumpers, others go around with fists clenched which then causes a further anxiety!!

Many people spend Hundreds of Pounds per month having Spa Pedicures with Extensions, Gels, or Swarovski crystals just to cover up their poor nails - when usually one session of Hypnosis at a fraction spent will save Thousands for the future.

Often Nail Biting started during childhood, sometimes caused being told off, scary situation, being frightened, for others after the removal of the dummy/pacifier, however it can also start in later years through stress, anxiety, unhappiness - generally this is a to hand to mouth cycle / connection that needs to be broken, and a new thinking process / behaviour created.

No matter how long you have had the habit, or how bad it may be, I can help you to stop this process, so that quickly your nails can grow strong, and you see the nails that make feel good.

If you or you know somebody who would like strong, healthy, natural nails, give me a call 01207 507296, or e-mail me -


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