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Overcome Public Speaking / Performance Anxiety

NLP and Hypnosis to Overcome Public Speaking and Performing

Overcome Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety

Public Speaking is probably the largest area of Phobia in the world, if all the other phobias - Snakes, Heights, Flying etc were to be added up, Speaking Anxiety would probably still be the biggest!!!

But Why?

When we were toddlers we loved performing making our family laugh, showing off, having fun.............we were confident.

Our educational system, together with well meaning people installed these fears into us when we were young, they forced us to talk about things we didn't really know anything about, or chose us randomly without warning to stand up in class and perform (Read, Answer to a Mathematical Sum, Sing, even worse tell us off!!!) this then made us worry how other people viewed us, instead of them worrying how maybe the audience were feeling!!

Worry and Fear!

Turn fear into Curiosity............

Instead of worrying how you feel on the inside, spin it around, so you come outside of your inner senses, and start looking out at the people in front of you, and therefore making them feel better....instead of paying attention to your stomach, pay attention to theirs.

Listen to your voice, watch how they breathe, control the tempo of your voice etc.

Current Thinking :

You make huge scary images in your mind of audiences, you hear your voice cracking, stumbling on words, a feeling in your stomach like a high speed washing machine......... prior to the event you create a bad plan!!!

Future Thinking :

An image of calm welcoming audience, interested in what you have to say, a confident and relaxed sounding voice chatting to the audience, an inner feeling of calmness, relaxation, and confidence.............A Good Plan!!!

Clients are amazed how quickly they become good speakers/performers. Two sessions / Two hours later they can can get up, speak / perform like comedians, influential motivation people.......politicians(alright maybe not them!

Conclusion :

Using NLP and Hypnosis I will help you to be a more confident Public Speaker, Performer, Calmer talking in meetings, Confident in Interviews, Teaching In Class etc with a new thinking process; Thus freeing up huge amounts of time you once spent worrying, feeling can then spend this free time enjoying life, laughing and smiling - looking good, feeling good and free.

Action :

Ready for change, pick up the phone and speak to me, write an e-mail an contact me, and become a more confident Public Speaker / Performer and enhance your charisma.

01207 507296 / / fill out the contact form on the home page HERE

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