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National Stop Smoking Day - 2018

National Stop Smoking Day March 14th 2018 - Hypnosis Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Consett

14th March is National Stop Smoking Day; For many this has been a focus date for a few weeks, may be they have discussed this with Friends, Family, Partners, that '14th March it will all end' and they will become healthier and wealthier!

Generally the day comes and goes, and for a few the 'Stop Date' is moved back to the following Monday, and so the circle continues until 14th March 2019, 2020, 2021 etc!!

Someone once said to me that it is really hard to 'Stop Smoking because my body needs it, I'm addicted' I disagreed, which took them back slightly.....They questioned my thinking...The majority of Smokers Stop Smoking everyday for at least 8 hours whilst asleep, and therefore if you can stop for 8 hours a day, you can stop for much longer!! This highlights that your body doesn't need it.

Whenever there is a change of behaviour, it can take a few days for things to settle down, so you may think about the old habit 14 times a day on Day One, 12 times a day Day Two, 8 times day Three and so on but, without the desires / cravings, then discover two weeks have passed and all thoughts have banished!!

There are many ways to overcome the Smoking Habit, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Patches, Vaping (which is really replacing one habit with another), Gums, and Hypnosis.

Hypnosis to overcome Smoking is proven as the most successful way to stop, there are many journals, and independent research studies which have been conducted over the years, and the conclusion is always the same. You can read more about those studies HERE and, also HERE

You can't predict, or guarantee human behaviour, and therefore I would always be weary of any Hypnotherapist parading 100% Success rates, or 100% Guarantee statements.

When considering overcoming the habit of smoking the client must have a need or desire to stop, not just 'kinda likes the idea' Hypnosis makes the process of letting go of the Desires, Connections, Thoughts, Habits, Repetition of Hand to Mouth involved with Smoking much much easier.

When I work with clients I always make the process as relaxing, easy, and rewarding as possible. The client will always be Conscious and in Control at all times, Hypnosis is like Daydreaming... There are no swinging watches, or sleep, but there will be positive changes.

You can read my reviews HERE and HERE

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