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Anxiety Free The Perfect Gift

Anxiety Free - NLP and Hypnosis Durham - North East

NLP and Hypnosis for Anxiety


Around 15% of the population has a form of Anxiety, however there is a difference between Anxiety and Phobia, Anxiety is the result of a longer process building towards an attack, whereas a Phobia is a straight Stimulus response - Both can be overcome with NLP and Hypnosis.

You and I both know how it feels to be anxious; Sometimes its for a good reason a performance, maybe getting us ready for something which may be of a negative nature, and therefore we become more vigilant, for some of us anxiety has become a day to day feeling, taking control, and preventing us from doing the things we desire to do.


Using NLP and Hypnosis, I can set you free, and point your focus in a different direction, so that each day you keep feeling, seeing, and hearing what you want, rather than what you don't.

You will start learning how to feel and think differently, experience how to live life happily - for example enjoy Sleeping, Eating New Food, Work, Laughing, Travelling!!

The old Anxiety will be left in the past, and you will replace the newly freed up space with all the good things you will experience in the future.

Ready to let go, Release the old feelings, and Start to Hear Sounds, See Sights that make you Feel good. Grab Opportunities you never Dreamed of....laugh and smile more, and really enjoy life.

All you need to do is pick up the phone, and speak with me, type an e-mail and contact me, and then we can meet.........change things around, release the anxiety, so you can start using your time and energy in a Smart way.

Only a handful of sessions are required to let go of Anxiety.

Contact me now 01207 507296 /


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