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With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there has been a huge surge in people feeling extremely anxious about their health and the health of their loved ones.


We have seen shortages in supermarkets, shoppers panic-buying and leaders throughout the world taking precautionary measures to try to reduce the impact of the virus on their populations.

Self Isolation 

One of the measures put into place is self-isolation ensuring the virus is contained, this means taking no risks, even if you come down with a cold, it needs to be treated with safeguarding measures. This level of isolation can increase Feelings of Fear, Anxiety and solitude – which isn't good for our general mental health.

Home Therapy Solution 

If you are experiencing health anxiety or feelings of dread and terror over the Coronavirus pandemic, or would like to Overcome an issue, Weight, Confidence, Anxiety, Fear or Phobia Online Hypnotherapy is the perfect solution.  When you work online with myself you receive the same level of care and commitment as you would in a face-to-face session, with the added security and comfort of being in your own home environment. This means you can get the help you need without any risk to your health.

Online Hypnosis Benefits

  • There are no travel expenses.

  • You can have therapy wearing your pyjamas if you need to.

  • It takes very little organisation.

  • You can choose times and dates which fit easier with your schedule.

  • No need to plan journeys or extra travelling time.

  • No childcare plans to manage.

  • You can experience therapy even if you are travelling away from home.

  • Therapy is easy even if you live in a remote place.

Easy Online Hypnotherapy 

Online therapy is easy to set up and can be accessible for anybody with an internet connection.  I will give you easy instructions, this can be via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or any other system you prefer. If you are unsure how to proceed wwe can do a test run prior to the session, just so that you know your speakers and camera will work on the day.

Research - Hypnosis

Research shows that positive thinking has a very beneficial effect on the body and can even help us to live longer, so keeping our thoughts calm and positive is extremely useful to us.  Also, because the brain cannot tell the difference between what we imagine and what is actually real, if we are imagining the worst possible outcomes, then our bodies are responding to this negative thinking and keeping us highly stressed.

Ready to Change the way you Think, the way you Feel, and Achieve 'The Best You'

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Alethea (Anxiety and Confidence) Highly recommended. David is a fantastic guy, nice and friendly. Wish I had of had hypnotherapy sooner - Thanks to him I am a lot better with my anxiety and confidence


Clare (Anxiety / Driving) This worked for me too with a weird driving phobia I developed out of the blue.....

and I also learned that I can actually relax and switch off, I can highly recommend this fact I miss the sessions...


Tracy (Various) David is really good and has helped me with several different issues.

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