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Welcome to Your Positive Change Hypnosis and NLP  - Durham


I'm David Bovingdon - (Dip.Hyp, Licensed NLP Practitioner, NCSCT)


Based in Consett Durham,Over the last 15 years using Hypnosis and NLP(Neuro - Linguistic Programming), I have created a unique approach that makes change surprisingly easy.

Thousands of people across Durham have been able to achieve their ultimate goals – Overcoming Anxiety, Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem, Weight Loss, Fears and Phobias, Quit Smoking, Sexual Emotional and Relationship Issues.


Unlike conventional therapies and coaching which can often take many sessions and cost more, Hypnosis and NLP are proven techniques to help make fast powerful changes in people's lives.  it is possible to overcome problems you’ve had for years in a simple fast inexpensive way.

Why does hypnosis work so well?

Hypnosis and NLP are modern psychological techniques which get straight to the subconscious root of the problem, focuses on what you want to achieve, and helps you to programme your mind to get the results you need, leaving you more in control of your life. 

Best Hypnosis Durham For Anxiety and Stress

Alison - Durham - Confidence Hypnosis

“It's like a switch has been flicked in my head, and now I feel and think different”

Are you ready for an even better life?

  • Do you want to overcome something, change your life for the better?

  • Would you like to feel Healthier and Happier?

  • Are you worried that you are stuck?

  • Have you tried for change before and failed?

  • If you discovered an easy way to change your life for the better, would you do it today?

Then let me help you now!

Best Hypnosis Consett Durham For Confidence

John - Consett  Durham - Anxiety Hypnosis

“I contacted David for help to overcome anxiety after years of low confidence and low self-esteem, The Hypnosis and treatment I received was Absolutely Amazing !! The results since then in my personal life both at home and at work have been nothing short of mind blowing, Thanks David your a legend!!!”

Best Hypnosis Durham For Anxiety

Anna - Durham - Habits Hypnosis

“I went to see David because I developed a bad habit of thinking about things that weren’t in my control, rather than letting go. I feel incredibly more secure which has enabled me to continue becoming a better version of myself everyday. I would highly recommend David, you’ll come out feeling like a different person”

Best Hypnosis Newcastle For Phobias

Mandi - Newcastle - Phobia Hypnosis

“Had a session for a crippling phobia of bees and wasps I’ve had for 20 years today, and I can’t recommend enough. David showed confidence in overcoming my fear, rather than seeing it as treating a problem. Thank you!”

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*National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training 

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