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We are now in the season where I successfully work with people who would like to overcome their Flying Anxiety. 

Generally speaking, people who suffer with a fear of flying are anxious about one of two things: 

The first, is the plane falling out of the sky and crashing. This is of course, an understandable fear, but a person is far more likely to win the lottery statistically than to be in a plane crash.


The second fear is the enclosed space, being unable to leave the plane - lack of control!

We are only born with two fears / phobias: 

1. The Fear of Falling

2. The Fear of Loud Noises

All the others Fears / Phobias / Anxieties we created ourselves:


We saw or imagined an Image, Felt a feeling, and then created a thought, or like many we learned the issue from a Parent or Relative.

All Fears / Phobias / Anxieties can be 'Unlearned' and this is where Hypnosis works for you!! 

Fly With Confidence

Session One

After Session One, Your thoughts / thinking will become exciting ones, You will feel positive about your forthcoming flight, See Airplanes in the Sky and have Positive feelings, Speak about your holiday in a confident way, and no longer focus on the flight just the holiday and the wonderful memories and experiences you'll create 

Session Two

After Session Two, You will no longer focus on the flight, just the destination, and all of the wonderful things you will experience. This will allow you to Fly with Confidence.

As a frequent flyer, and private pilot, my knowledge of Aircraft, Flying, and Aviation is vast, and I am always happy to answer any questions.  

I will work with you every step of the way

Contact me Now, so you can forget about the flight, and focus on packing, enjoy the future holiday memories!

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