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Coronvirus Anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety


Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety with Your Positive Change Hypnosis

Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety with Hypnotherapy Durham North East

Coronavirus Covid-19 has been sweeping the world since 29th December 2019, this Pandemic is causing huge Anxiety, many people are asking can I help them stay calm during this challenging time, and the answer is YES 

General Anxiety is created by ourselves, we learn the feelings through circumstances, right now we are experiencing a time full of uncertainty, therefore unsure how to deal with the situation in a calm relaxed way.  


Many experience mind racing, sleepless nights, feeling of nervousness etc. Using Hypnosis, Havening, and NLP these negative feelings/thoughts/reactions etc are banished. This particular issue can be achieved in just one session.

We will start by dialing down the current feelings, so you feel calmer / happier, then change your thinking process allowing rational thinking, followed by teaching you various techniques how to control and re-calibrate thoughts and feelings at any time.

You will feel positive, calm, relaxed, worry less, and feel confident.


Remember, this is a Virus that you can't control personally, however you can control your feelings and behaviours. 


I will also send you a Hypnosis Audio to compliment the techniques taught, this will give you greater access to good quality sleep, and the opportunity to feel happier and calmer everyday. 

Hypnotherapy is a Relaxing, Rewarding Experience where You are in Control at all times, Your Life will Change for the Better in ways you never have Imagined before.

This session can either be here in a one to one in a safe, clean environment, or via Skype / Facetime etc  

Health and Safety - Covid-19 - Coronavirus Durham - North East

I am aware of the ongoing situation and taking every precautionary measure with enhanced sterilisation procedures between every client.


I am ACCEPTING ALL CLIENTS that do not exhibit symptoms.


I am following NHS and The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association guidelines, and doing everything in my capacity to maintain the cleanliness pre and post clients


I intend to continue providing appointments as per usual but will consider closing temporarily if I exhibit symptoms or become infected.


I want you to feel confident when being treated by me, and I want you to know that I only have your health and well-being in mind.


Following the current Government's guidelines, Hypnotherapy / Counselling / Psychotherapy is accepted as an Essential journey / Essential contact


There are many areas which can be treated using SKYPE / FACETIME etc, so if due to circumstance you are unable to travel at the moment I can still work with you.

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Message via the contact form below, I am the only person who you will chat with so I can assure 100% confidentiality.


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Hypnosis Reviews

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Alethea (Anxiety and Confidence) Highly recommended. David is a fantastic guy, nice and friendly. Wish I had of had hypnotherapy sooner - Thanks to him I am a lot better with my anxiety and confidence


Clare (Anxiety / Driving) This worked for me too with a weird driving phobia I developed out of the blue.....

and I also learned that I can actually relax and switch off, I can highly recommend this fact I miss the sessions...


Tracy (Various) David is really good and has helped me with several different issues.